Inside a dirty Korg










Looks like someone poured a coke on top of this bad boy, dust bunnies have invaded as well. Time to give this board a good cleaning. Normally I would not hesitate to bust out the WD-40 for this job, but the “buttons” are actually plastic switches soldered directly to the board. WD-40 would slowly over time eat away at the plastic. So I am going to use some Simple Green, water, and a nice sponge. Be sure to check back and see how it worked out.









The buttons come apart, which is great news because they have lost most of their conductivity.  Use a small precision screwdriver to carefully pry them apart, next get your self some Circuit Writer from a company called CAIG. I got mine at Battery Shack, and I’m sure you can get it from all the usual online sources. Cost about $10.00 but really does the trick when it comes to repairing these buttons.








The first pic here shows what the before and after should look like. I have to wait 24 hours for the product to cure, so I will post more on this machine later.

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