Eclectric Kalimba Spring Thing

The Eclectric Kalimba Spring Thing is an amplified noise device. It not only picks up the vibrations of the springs but also the vibrations of the surface it is set on. You are limited only by your imagination.

• LED power indicator
• made with all new parts
• Runs on a 9-volt battery
• Contains internal pre-amp
• springs can be removed and replaced with almost anything

Potar Design Devices are hand made in Los Alamitos Ca, one at a time. Current color Safety Yellow; NOW SHIPPING.

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The Potar Powerstarve is designed to limit the amount of current flowing to your desired effect pedal or instrument creating interesting, unpredictable, and otherwise different than normal sounds. The Powerstarve works best with analog delays, reverbs, and fuzz pedals but has been known to cause interesting sounds to happen in drum machines and synths. It however does NOT work on all pedals (mostly new digital stuff that has very small tolerances for power).

Simply plug any 2.1mm power supply into the voltage in jack and use the supplied patch cable to connect to a pedal or another instrument. When switched on, the LED is lit and the power going to your device can be shaved down using the giant knob. We made it big so you can easily tune in your sound with your foot. When powered off we use true bypass to ensure your device is the required amount of power.

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