Potar Design Exclusive Pedals

Hand wired boutique effects pedals and noise makers built by POTAR in Southern California. I also offer picking services for rare musical instruments and effects pedals. Now selling on Reverb!

Brand New effects pedals in the works. Wild Hair, Poop Flute, and Wet Fart! Hand wired, drilled, and arted up by me, Potar Design! The Wild Hair and Poopflute prototypes are almost done and can be seen above. I am still tweaking the circuits but the look is down.

These are 2 of the 3 new designs I plan to make for sale this year. I really look forward to expanding my offerings in 2020. These guys are the first steps. Check back soon for updates.

We recently partnered with life long friend and glass lamp worker Jim Foote to offer his Good Foote brand glass wares online. Check out more HERE.

Custom Effects Pedals, Pedal Mods and Noise Synths

Pedals mods, circuit bending, custom builds. You tell me what you want and I’ll track it down, solder it together and ship it anywhere in the United States.