Potar’s SOUND URCHIN – Custom Electronic Audio Devices.

spring thing The SOUND URCHIN is an electro-acoustic amplified noise device. It not only picks up the vibrations of the urchn-like spines but also the vibrations of the surface it is set on or mounted to. You are limited only by your imagination. • Amplifies vibration
• 1/4" output
• Pairs well with guitar effects and delay
• LED power indicator
• Runs on 9 volt battery
• Contains internal pre-amp, gets loud!
• Made in the USA
Details::: Watch Video Add some NOISE to your NOISE!
megaphone Potar X Toysmith Megaphone POTAR Toysmith Megaphone Modified, Circuit Bent, whatever you want to call it; I make these toy megaphones far more useful than they are stock. These megaphones are brand new in the packaging before I start working on them, and I always use new parts in the builds. Modifications Added :

• 1/4" input
• 1/4" output
• Feedback Loop with on/off switch
• Master Pitch Control
• Always on switch
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