Handmade electronics and up-cycled goods. Everything from curated vintage clothing and glass pipes to handcrafted jewelry and funky housewares.

Effects Pedals, Pedal Mods and Noise Synths

Brand New effects pedals in the works. Wild Hair, Poop Flute, and Wet Fart! Hand wired, drilled, and arted up by me, Potar Design! The Wild Hair prototype is almost done and can be seen here. Check back soon for updates.

We recently partnered with life long friend and glass lamp worker Jim Foote to offer his Good Foote brand glass wares online. Check out more HERE.

New t-shirts based on old designs and classic companies, too.

Images collected from match books, vintage ephemera, record covers and other real life sources. Specifically for people who find joy in old designs.

Vintage and Crafty!

Vintage clothing and accessories as well as home built Resit-or Earrings. I am always adding new items, so check back often.