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Eclectric Kalimba Spring Thing v.2

The Eclectric Kalimba Spring Thing is an amplified noise device. It not only picks up the vibrations of the springs but also the vibrations of the surface it is set on. You are limited only by your imagination.

• v.2 has LED power indicator
• Runs on 9 volt battery
• Contains internal pre-amp

Potar Design Devices are hand made in Los Alamitos Ca, one at time.
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Power Starve pedal for 2019

The Potar Power Starve pedal! New for 2019 with LED power indicator and 3pdt true bypass switching. Get all the grit, dirt and spazz your pedals have to offer with this simple inexpensive box.

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Piezo Pre-Amp

Hand wired “piezo pre-amp” with custom made piezo element. This is a great way to get into electro acoustics and surface sound experimentation.

Amplify just about anything that vibrates. Drop the piezo element in water for hydrophonic sounds and effects. Put it in your mouth and get weird with it. Endless possibilities await.

Comes with a waterproof piezo element wired to a 1/4″ Hosa brand cable, approx. 2.5 feet long.

Knob controls gain.
LED is a Blue Super Bright.
9 volt, center negative – battery to 2.1 included.
(most guitar effects power supplies will work).
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We recently partnered with life long friend and glass lamp worker Jim Foote to offer his Good Foote brand glass wares online. Check out more HERE.