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Super Sound Urchin is a musical instrument with spines like a sea urchin that is played lie a kalimba


POTAR Design Devices SOUND URCHIN is an electro-acoustic musical instrument

More Handbuilt and Modified Instruments by POTAR

Customized Spring Thingg

Urchin Variations

Extra-Spicy Electro-acoustic instruments

Limited Sale Pricing!

POTAR Design Devices EMF Probe

EMF Probe

Listen to electromagnetic sounds

Stubby XLR Contact Mic

Contact Mics

A vibratory pickup for every occasion.

circuit bent controls for POTAR's Yamama DD-14

Circuit Bent Stuff

Highly Modified

guitar effect pedal by POTAR Design

Effect Pedals

Weird-o, Handbuilt Filters

modified cassette player

Modified Tape Players

Circuit Bent Cassette Decks

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