Dual OPA Piezo Buffer

OPA buffer by POTAR

I boxed up a couple of the piezo buffers from a previous post. A lot of the time a piezo plugged directly into a recorder or amp is fine. You will get sound. However, most objects really benefit from a piezo buffer circuit. This will be a handy addition to my field bag. Share this … Read more

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1590bb style enclosure drilling template

There are many different ways to mark your enclosures for drilling, from measuring and marking with a pencil to freestyle marking or even taking a drill it and see approach. After many years of suffering from lopsided drill holes and jacks that came dangerously close to pots and switches, I started printing out drilling templates … Read more

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Power sag for guitar EFX

mid 2011 Power Starve Pedals

This a must for any guitar player with an EFX fetish, simply plug this bad boy in between your power supply and your favorite EFX pedal to enjoy the sag. The pedal simulates the dying battery effect that can sometimes result in desirable clipping, out of place tones and general weirdness. UPDATE: 12/16/11 – These … Read more

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Inside a dirty Korg

                  Looks like someone poured a coke on top of this bad boy, dust bunnies have invaded as well. Time to give this board a good cleaning. Normally I would not hesitate to bust out the WD-40 for this job, but the “buttons” are actually plastic switches … Read more

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