Korg DDM-110 update

I got the Korg back together today and the buttons are all working 90% better.. the open hi-hat is a little unresponsive at times, so when I take it back apart to bend I’ll be sure to address that. The terrible buzz and hum is gone after a nice Simple Green washdown. I’m thinking someone spilled soda on the machine and somehow a couple of traces got connected that should not have been. There were little shards of wire inside too, it came from another benders workshop, but he swears he never opened it up. The wind could have blown them in through the jack ports I guess.

Now it’s on to the fun part, learning how to program the machine.. it’s no fun without patterns. Then it will be onto bending it. I have seen a couple online and really like what I hear. Check back soon for more info including bend points for the Korg DDM-110 as well as other miscellaneous and sometimes cosmic debris.

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