PT2399 Noise Ensemble delay

PT2399 Noise Ensemble

The Noise Ensemble is an extremely noisy delay that can easily be pushed over the edge into self-oscillation. Based around the PT2399 IC; it has a built-in VCO, 2 op-amps, and 2 low pass filters crammed into a 16 pin dip case! It can get very loud! Check out the datasheet.

I have built more than a handful of these and they always sound aggressive and sort of spacey. I will typically experiment with component values and sub capacitors as well as the value of the “shambles” pot to make each pedal truly unique sounding. The second footswitch on the example pictured above bridges the “shambles” pot and creates an interesting stutter effect.

The stripboard layout I use is designed by Anchoive (below) and calls for just a handful of components. It can be built in just an afternoon. You can even skip the LM7805 voltage regulator if you have a 5-volt power supply handy (or even USB power).

Noise Ensemble layout by Anchovie

I have seen this circuit built into kids’ toys, Atari Punk Consoles, and even as a synth module. In my opinion, it is great for adding texture and interesting sweeps to otherwise boring sounds and instruments.

Here is a link to the original build thread over at, an amazing resource for pedal builders.

PT2399 Noise Ensemble builds by POTAR