Auditory Vomitorium Fuzzlay pedal

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The AUDITORY VOMITORIUM takes your signal to a fuzzy, spacey place. It sounds pretty gross on all instruments!
Plug it into guitars, drum machines, Sound Urchins, the works!

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A self-oscillating toilet flush of an effect if there ever was one.

Handmade in small batches, the AUDITORY VOMITORIUM is a fuzz-lay. A fuzzy, gross-sounding pseudo-delay.

• The graphics may not be perfect every time(waterslide is finicky but looks great); however, the device will blow your mind! • Made one at a time, POTAR hand-wires all these circuits!
• The Auditory Vomitorium is made with all new parts in the USA.
• Built to order, 2-week lead time, sometimes less..

Fun fact, POTAR is slang for vomit in some languages.



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