UPDATED: Aug. 09 2023

This old post has been seeing a lot of traffic lately so I figured I should check it out and make sure the info is correct, that credit was given for the original schematic, and what, if anything I might want to add to this circuit.

After doing a Google search, and looking at some of the modifications folks have made over the years, I found a novel approach to the constant oscillations by Wraa Defects, I have not built this yet but it looks very promising as I always used an overdrive pedal with the Noise567 (See video below) to kinda do the same thing. I will report back when I have a moment to throw this together. (I did, see below)

Wraa Defects take on the Noise567

When you factor in shipping, the LM567 is a little pricey from places like Digikey, but there are still some options like eBay and smaller electronics resellers. NOS parts are always kind of a gamble. You can always bust open a bunch of touch-tone phones and see if they use it.

Please take a chance to visit Wraa Defects, they have a number of cool pedals and also offer vero layouts. Big ups to them for supporting the DIY crowd!

POTAR's build of the Glitch567, a modified Noise567 design by Wraa Defects


UPDATE: 08 10 2023

I built it, and it works great. I found the best setting to be with the volume pot at around 80% and the pitch pot at around 50%. I have only tried it with guitar so far, but I bet a drum machine or keyboard would sound pretty cool, too. Makes some cool dial-up modem sounds and the sustain kinda ramps up and down. Really cool. I think I am going to have to box this up!

Orig. Post: 01.30.12
If I could get the constant osc. to shut up, this would be the best effect ever. There are a couple of different versions of the 567 (the LMC567, LM567, & LM567CN that I know of so far) available, all with different audio results. I hear the LMC567 does not work in the NOISE567 circuit, but I am using the LM567CN. I’ll have to order all the different varieties and give them a go.

Design by Christian Hemmo

I have been building a couple of these ultra-simple Noise567’s here and there, what a great little circuit! Super noisy, accepts input, and has the craziest distorted ring modulator/fuzz depending on the pot position. The only drawback so far has been that it has a constant VCO running that you play over. It’s fine when dealing in drum machines and keyboards that you want to sound like hell, but it just doesn’t cut it for guitar in my opinion. I tried a couple of different cap and resistor-to-ground combos in different places with some luck, but it always seemed to mute out the real beauty of this circuit. Anyhow, I’ll keep soldering away and searching the forums for some relief from the ultra VCO. In the meantime here is the orig schematic for the Noise567.

Noise567 Sound Samples

Noise567 Guitar

Original Noise567 circuit in action

Noise567 Drum Toy

Original Noise567 circuit through the old round drum toy

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