POTAR is an experimental audio project








Founded in 1998 by Michael Winchester

The first POTAR audio cassettes were recorded in the mid-90s on a Fostex four-track using a multitude of instruments including, Guitar, Fender Rhodes, and Casio keyboards, as well as the software Digital Drummer and SoundEdit16. Around this time Michael gained the nickname 'Potar Noise' and ran with it, recording countless hours of audio for his own amusement. POTAR released 3 cassettes during this period, "Noize" "SHIT GATE 98" and "Breast Friends". Michael also recorded various side projects during this period as Orange Krust with Andy Hodgson and Kevin Fees, with Daddy Scotty and Tommy of Chapter 11, and later with DJ Animal on some of the tracks that would evolve and later be releaed on Tiger Claw.

Around 2002 Michael found himself with a Roland TR-505 that needed the volume pot replaced, that is when he discovered the world of Circuit Bending and the amazing sounds you can coax out of all manner of aging instruments and kids toys. This would be the spark that started the fire; soldering tools were bought and time became more devoted to "building" things than to making music.

In 2005 Michael was asked to submit tracks to several compilations by Tiger Claw Records that revolved around circuit bending centric artists. He contributed to several compilations and in 2006 released a split CD on Tiger Claw with the artist Talking Computron of GetLoFi.com fame.

2019 saw the release of the FRANKEN-BURGERS E.P. on Headstones and Hearses Recordings

In 2021 POTAR has plans to release at least 2 cover songs and contribute new music to the upcoming Headstones and Hearses Volume One compilation.


Michael has always been influenced by outsider music and artists. At a young age he took a shine to avant garde jazz artists like Yusef Lateef and John Coltrane, later listening to A LOT of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. He attributes PBS and KKJZ (via Main Street Books in Seal Beach) for the jazz influenece and his dad's record collection for the Lou Reed and Velvet Underground connection.

Michael Winchester does a lot more than make noise.


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