Had some server issue but I am back!

POTAR's Golden Urchin Bells

I had some serious server issues last month but POTAR Design Devices is back! Everything is running smooth, transactions are secure, and I have something new to offer. The newest POTAR one-off, Golden Urchin Bells. Limited Edition : 1 of 1 in this format How do you play it? You can strum or pick the … Read more

Power sag for guitar EFX


Update 07/07/2024 I started making the dying battery effect in 2011 (by request for Christian Hand). Since then I have updated the design a couple times but the last version is was a complete overhaul of the circuit. Since then a lot of different companies have started offering some version of this effect. I have … Read more

Simple P48 for electret mic capsules

simple p48 wiring with a single resistor and capacitor

Building a Simple P48 circuit for your electret mic capsule is as simple as it sounds. I put the following diagram together to help beginners better visualize how everything is connected to the XLR. How to wire up the Simple P48 to an XLR What mic capsules will work? The Simple P48 circuit works with … Read more

Some Fundamentals of Sound – Hi-Fidelity Mart News 1955

fundamentals of sound 1955

I saw this neat set of charts while perusing an old copy of the Hi-Fidelity Mart Newspaper from 1955. I am pack rat and hoarder of sorts. I collect all kinds of things, from different kinds of succulents, to records. While searching for records I often cool articles, stickers, pictures, and other stuff in the … Read more

Bent // Broken 2024

POTAR Bent Broken Circuit Bending Festival video thumbnail

I am still trying to digest all the great videos from this years Bent // Broken Virtual Circuit Bending Festival. My submission is presented for you below, and HERE is a link to the entire event archive. It is worth a listen, a watch, and maybe both. For my submission I used a circuit bent … Read more

Field Recording: Bird Song and Movement, through a metal fence with contact mics

birds on a fence thumbnail

Headphones Recommended I attached a pair of 35mm Contact Mics (via my DUAL OPA Impedance Buffer) to a metal fence at Gum Grove Park in Seal Beach and waited for some birds to drop by. I was mainly curious if the vibrations from the bird movement and calls passing through the fence would be enough … Read more

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