Bent // Broken 2024

POTAR Bent Broken Circuit Bending Festival video thumbnail

I am still trying to digest all the great videos from this years Bent // Broken Virtual Circuit Bending Festival. My submission is presented for you below, and HERE is a link to the entire event archive. It is worth a listen, a watch, and maybe both. For my submission I used a circuit bent … Read more

Bent // Broken 2024 is getting close

2024 circuit bending festival flyer

Really excited for this years Bent // Broken Worldwide Circuit Bending Festival organized by the amazing Echo Lightwave Unspeakable. After being an online/virtual festival since inception, this year will debut the first in-person/live event to compliment the virtual festival. Bent // Broken is really important event in the circuit bending community. It is an event … Read more

Near The Shore – reimagined sound for the Cities and Memory podcast

Remixing the world one sound at a time

Cities and Memory is a collaborative sound art and field recording program with “the aim of remixing the world, one sound at a time“. The site boasts “Thousands of field recordings, recomposed and reimagined by artists around the world to create a new, alternative world of sound.” When I heard that they were accepting submissions I knew I … Read more

Simaha – from Bent // Broken 2023

Bent // Broken 2023 was amazing! Lots of great circuit-bent artists from all over the world, doing what they do in new and unusual ways. Big shout out to Echo Lightwave Unspeakable for hosting and curating the event. My submission can be found below. More performers can be found on YouTube.

Modified DOD FX70 Stereo Flanger

DOD stereo flanger mods

I have had this old DOD Flanger kicking around in my parts box for about 10 years. I finally got around to testing the mods on it, and WOW! It’s a killer. From added LFO tones and noise to delay-like repeats The mods are pretty simple, you replace the 3 internal trim pots with comparable-value … Read more

Speak and Math MidiSpeak

When I saw the midi speak kit online I knew I had to have one for my Speak and Math. The circuit-bent Speak and Math is already a ton of fun to play with. Sick, sputtering, looping glitches, word fragments, and random number strings are common, so getting it to trigger along with your drum … Read more

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