Field Recording: Bird Song and Movement, through a metal fence with contact mics

birds on a fence thumbnail

Headphones Recommended I attached a pair of 35mm Contact Mics (via my DUAL OPA Impedance Buffer) to a metal fence at Gum Grove Park in Seal Beach and waited for some birds to drop by. I was mainly curious if the vibrations from the bird movement and calls passing through the fence would be enough … Read more

Field Recording: Croaker sounds on the first day of Spring 2024

Most Croakers are gregarious, community animals and make noise by way of oscillating their swim bladder as part of their spawning ritual. The swim bladder is a pocket of air inside most fish that helps keep them afloat and facing upright. Male croakers use this sound to attract females. Being the first day of Spring … Read more

Meal Worm Action: Using the Dual OPA Buffer

meal worm sounds

Headphones Recommended – Just a fun little sound experiment with our lizards food. I attached 2 – 35mm piezos to a small tub of meal worms via my Dual OPA field buffer and then into the trusty Mix Pre 6 II – kind of what you would expect, lotsa scratchy little legs in the saw … Read more

In the field: Afro-Cuban Drummers

Decorative image - Afro cuban drummers in Long Beach

In early December last year (2023) I was driving around the peninsula area of Long Beach, looking for seagulls to record for a project I was working on when I stumbled on a group of Afro-Cuban drummers chanting and making offerings to Oshun. My gear was already setup in my front seat so I parked … Read more

Near The Shore – reimagined sound for the Cities and Memory podcast

Remixing the world one sound at a time

Cities and Memory is a collaborative sound art and field recording program with “the aim of remixing the world, one sound at a time“. The site boasts “Thousands of field recordings, recomposed and reimagined by artists around the world to create a new, alternative world of sound.” When I heard that they were accepting submissions I knew I … Read more

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