Some Fundamentals of Sound – Hi-Fidelity Mart News 1955

I am pack rat and hoarder of sorts. I collect all kinds of things, from different kinds of succulents, to records. While searching for records I often cool articles, stickers, pictures, and other stuff in the sleeves. It is not very often that I find an entire newspaper, especially one that is not only audio related, but also equipment specific. So finding the Hi-Fidelity Mart Newspaper Mid-Summer Edition from 1955 inside a record was a treat. I wish I remembered what the record was, but I do not.

Old information is often still good information, and that is the case with this set of charts.

“Why Hi-Fi? All frequencies are reproduced throughout the audio spectrum. Music and speech sound clear and real. Dynamic range (loudest to quietest) is complete, faithful to original music. Essentially no distortion, eliminating fuzzy sounds and listener fatigue.”

fundamentals of sound - hifi mart news 1955
Taken from Hi-Fidelity Mart Newspaper 1955

Click image for full scale version.

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