Current Google Certifications

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Current Google Certifications

I have been taking courses through Google’s Academy for Ads and the results have been really amazing. Not only am learning invaluable information on Google Ads and Analytics, but I am also learning how they interact together. From simply tracking clicks to page to re-marketing to customers who abandoned a cart or a form.

Below is an image showing my current certifications and awards from Google Ads Academy. These are in addition to the certifications I received from Google Analytics Academy. It has been a very productive week for me.

Winchester Google Certifications

Contact me for more information on fully utilizing your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.

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Michael Winchester

Website design since 2000, SEO since 2014! Certified in Google Ads, Video Ads, Analytics and Mobile Fundamentals Aside from building websites, I enjoy soldering, building guitar pedals and noise toys, and hanging out with my wife, her son and our dogs.

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