Google Local Guide – Level 6

By sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge about the places around you, you can help inform millions of people.

I recently achieved Level 6 as a Local Guide in Google Maps. With over 2,000 points representing over 300 reviews, image uploads and questions answered and edits through the Google reviews system.

I am a huge advocate of utilizing Google’s MyBusiness page for your business as it ties directly into Google Maps. By answering a few short questions about your business you are able to upload business images, interact with potential clients, and even post updates that will be seen when people search for your business on Google.

Just like most Google apps, MyBusiness this is FREE. Getting it set up and optimized correctly can tricky, so contact me today to see what I can do to help.

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Improve your bounce rate

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Site Troubleshooting

Bounce Rate metrics can be somewhat of a mystery to clients. What does it mean, and what is an acceptable percentage are all questions I get asked often.

Simply put; the Bounce Rate is when someone visits your website then leaves immediately, after viewing one page. A high bounce rate is a sign that visitors are finding your website but leaving right away. This can be due to multiple on page factors.

So what can cause a user to abandon a website? Some of the causes include but are not limited to …

  • slow loading
  • not mobile friendly
  • poor navigation
  • outdated design
  • large image sliders
  • excessive video or multimedia

An acceptable percentage is usually between 25% and 40%. I recently helped a client lower their high bounce rate of 75-80% to between 10-20% with a pretty simple adjustment to his homepage. He had full page drone video that while excellent in quality was not engaging his visitors, they were looking for information on his services not a HD drone video. I simply made this video a clickable option with some related copy. Giving visitors the option to watch the video or not is what helped retain visitors. Bounce Rate has now gone way down and as a result page views are way up.

Contact me today to see what I can do help you retain visitors, get your phone ringing and sales climbing.

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Find me on

Contact me directly for discounted rate!

Being a freelancer I am always looking for that next gig. So I signed up for UpWork to see if they could deliver me some jobs. I have tried Thumbtack and Fivver in the past and was glad to see that UpWork does not charge a fee to bid on gigs. They do take an upfront cut of whatever you bid but are transparent about it. You can adjust your bid and see the commission they take in real time.

You can always email me thru website for the best deal!

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Etherium Lighting project

I am really excited about this latest project for Etherium Lighting. LED lighting is the future and this company is poised to bring innovative and essential designs to markets all over the world. They even are building a facility to make LED tubes right here in the United States!

Etherium is based in Columbus Ohio with offices in Commerce, Ca and Shenzhen, China. This lighting distributor is both Port adjacent and centrally located.

I played a major role in the development of their new website, from creating the motion sliders and layout to editing CSS for final fit and finish. The staff at Etherium was very easy to work with and hope to work with them on future updates, campaigns, and additions.

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Social Media Management?

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Social media has been something I was passionate about since my first account. From the days of running Friendster and MySpace pages for bands to managing paid advertisements and brand accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media can seem like an obstacle for small businesses, it does not have to be. With the right team supporting your endeavors you’ll find it drives engagement with your website and has a great ROI (return on investment).

Creating awareness and helping drive engagement is what it’s all about, so stand out.. be different.. and stay targeted!

If you have more questions or would like to talk about a Social Media Management program, feel free to contact me.

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5 way to improve site speed

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5 easy ways you can improve your website speed. Studies show that visitors who experience even a 1 second delay in average/anticipated load times will often abandon the website all together.

  1. Enable compression. Lots of plugins are available to take it to the next level, I like Hummingbird.
  2. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML where possible. Again, if you are using WordPress there is a plugin for this.
  3. Reduce redirects, these can slow you down significantly.
  4. Use a CDN (content distribution network).
  5. Optimize your images.

Test your websites speed for FREE at Pingdom.

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More Google Ads Academy certifications

Now certified for Video Ads, Shopping Ads and I also earned the general award for Web Designer basics at Google Ads Academy. While I do have a good bit of experience with Google’s shopping platform I had never had call for Video Ads. I will certainly be preaching the benefits my clients.

I am really looking forward to diving into Google’s Web Designer application. It is a full-on HTML5 platform for websites, animations, ads and everything else under the Google sun. No programming experience needed. After running thru the courses and taking the assessment, I know will be utilizing the Free download whenever possible.

See all my current certifications through Google Ads Academy below.

Google Ads Academy profile page
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Current Google Certifications

I have been taking courses through Google’s Academy for Ads and the results have been really amazing. Not only am learning invaluable information on Google Ads and Analytics, but I am also learning how they interact together. From simply tracking clicks to page to re-marketing to customers who abandoned a cart or a form. Below is an image showing my current certifications and awards from Google Ads Academy. These are in addition to the certifications I received from Google Analytics Academy. It has been a very productive week for me. Winchester Google Certifications Contact me for more information on fully utilizing your Google Ads and Analytics accounts. Contact Michael
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Google Analytics Certified

Updated: I now have the first two three certificates of completion from Google Analytics Academy. An amazing online resource from Google. I learned a lot of new tricks. Some will help me help you understand who your visitors are, what they are doing and sometimes even why. A really fantastic set of courses.

Here are links to my certs:
Basic Certificate
Advanced Certificate
Power User

Anyone can get these certificates if they are willing to watch the videos and take the assessments. I finished these two in one afternoon. I highly recommend it for anyone in the web design or marketing fields.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Contact Michael

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Voyager Hotel Group

Just finished a quickie for Voyager Hotel Group and their upcoming chain “The Ranch Hotels”. This website went together very quickly as the client was 100% prepared. He had all his images, copy, and a pretty good idea of what the overall look should be.

Currently available. Always looking for new clients!
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