Patrick Warren – February 13, 2018
Smokey Bay Seafood/Fresh Fish Fast

“..This letter serves as a positive reference to Mr. Winchester’s character,
enthusiasm and abilities while working at Smokey Bay Seafood and his readiness to work collaboratively to achieve our company’s goals.”


Robert Palmer – January 29, 2014
Robert Palmer Design/D.I.D. Chain

“Mike has been very professional and easy to work with. He took direction well without controversy. The result was a truly functional and informative website that reflects my client’s needs.”


Charles Halford – January 30, 2012
SoCal Fitness Service

“Mike Winchester has got my company on the Web and to my customers! With their help we were able to create a easy to use site for our products and services.

Their staff was on site to help us with our server needs and sales team in education from software to applications. The turnaround time was fast and they exceeded our deadlines.

The design team helped me put my vision into action!”


Joshua Rogers – January 19, 2011
broken machine films

“I loved the design and artwork that the kind and creative potar hath done for broken machine films.
followed and executed what i needed to a ‘t’.
and in a timely manner, no less :)”


R. Taino – April 1, 2010
Cold Medina Recordings/Fat Hed

“Potar rocks!!!

I have used Potar Design for all my web and print work since 2004. I am very satisfied with the results. The work is high quality and gets done on time.
Potar has an excellent eye for design and color and his website layouts are current and logical.”

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