Stoughton Printing 50th Anniversary

Stoughton Wall of Fame

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the 50th Anniversary Party for Grammy Award Winning Stoughton Printing Co. on August 10th. Aside from entertainment (the excellent Gethen Jenkins as well as Stoughton employee Jerry Zinn), drinks and food we were treated to tours of the facility. From the sales office, to pre-press, to the plate room and onto the massive Heidelberg printers. From there we went onto the gluing and folding room.Stoughton Printing 50th

They also had the International Printing Museum in the house with letterpress machines that were inked up and ready to roll. We got to hand pull classic promotional style chipboard posters for the party. It was a real treat for a graphic design geek like myself.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hospitality of the Stoughton employees. They were all very friendly and did not mind my constant questions and comments. Shout out to Rob for taking our group in and making us feel at home. I was happy as a clam!

If you need vinyl jacket or cd sleeves I can attest to the quality standard Stoughton adheres to. They offer custom die-cuts jackets, tip-on jackets, as well as direct to board printing.

I would like to also thank the VinylJunkies record group on Facebook for making this trip possible. It was awesome meeting everyone face to face. I will make the record crawl next time for sure.

“Sink The Breakwater” campaign 2009

Sinking the Breakwater is still a vital issue in regards to the growth and rebranding of Long Beach as a major tourist destination. Such a beautiful area with so much to offer visitors from around the world, yet our beaches have a lot to be desired. They could be a major draw to local economy.

Here is a video I made in 2009 to illustrate a few of the facts.

I am always happy to edit video, contact me for a quote.

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I design album covers, too

Album Cover Art is almost as important as the music it is representing. In some cases it is the first thing to draw a new listener in. Before I ever heard a note of Iron Maiden’s music I knew I would love it, all based on the amazing cover illustrations by Derek Riggs. Likewise the striking design work of Reid Miles on the early Blue Note records really peaked my interest.

Having collected records for most of my life I understand album cover art a little better than most. I know what is necessary for record labels and stores as well as what is visually appealing to both the artist and consumer. I have created covers on my own with little input, worked with art directors on some projects and let the artists be art directors on others. It all depends on the clients needs.

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Titling images for better SEO

Just a quick tip on titling images for better SEO.

It is good practice to use a short image description rather than the standard default image title (as given by a camera or smart device); this makes Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s web crawlers better understand your image as it relates to your website. So if your image description is titled standard-blue-tshirt.jpg and you sell tshirts on your website, you will rank better.

Rather than this:  IMG_2456.jpg
Title your images like this: short-image-description.jpg

The same goes for movie and audio file names. Helping the search engine better understand your webpage is the best way to rank better.

This is just one of the best practices I utilize when building websites for my clients.

Something BBQ Rub Co. mock up

Spice bottle design for a small BBQ rub startup. This image will be used in their proposals to potential investors and financial institutions. I really hope to land the website and package design contract when they launch in 2019.

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spice label mock up

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The Pharcyde LIVE at the Lava Lounge

Filmed Live at the Lava Lounge

I was on one of 2 cameras during this 2 camera shot. My buddy Kevin Kubrick (RIP) was on the other. Filmed at the now long gone and infamous Lava Lounge at Java Lanes in Long Beach, Ca; I think the Pharcyde got paid in cash, weed and tuna sandwiches. No Joke. What a time to be new to visual media and somewhat connected in Long Beach’s music circles.

I captured and edited these two audio/video sources, and created the original video and titling for the long lost DVD; “Blown Celeb: Drink The Kool Aid”. This only performance of many that “Blown Celebs” organized and executed in Long Beach.

Circa 2006, pre-1082p, LOL. These films were both captured to hard-drive via Super8 Video and Digital 8 video sources.

Uploaded to YouTube in 2006. I am sure Dustin has the source videos for most his party’s.
RIP Kevin Kubrick, we miss you!

No Joke, some of the best times of my life.

I miss Kevin a lot and want anyone who has suicidal thoughts to please call a friend or Call the hotline, 1-800-273-8255 . People care, even if you don’t right now.

Photo restoration

Expert photo restoration available.

photo restoration example

Let me retouch and restore your old damaged photos. I can remove unwanted elements as well as bends, tears and water damage.

The process is started by taking high resolution scans of your images. Next your images are brought into Photoshop for manipulation and clean up. The whole process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the level of damage.

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Welcome to Michael Winchester Design!

Webmaster For Hire

Whether you are looking for a new website design, HTTPS compliance, a WordPress master, better SEO ranking, a logo, or some other form of graphic communication – you have come to the right place. With over 18 years experience designing and implementing websites and print elements I am confident that I can complete your job quickly and efficiently, from right here in the United States

No need for high priced agencies using foreign workers. I have a proven track record of success with small and large companies. Being based in Los Alamitos, CA means I can come to you for initial meetings and further consultations. It also means that I am 100% approachable and in reach if something should go wrong.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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See More Website Design Examples

Keep scrolling for examples of recent gigs.

Website design for AM Oner

Website design for Am Oner, this was a quick and dare I say easy job. He came to his appointment with multiple photos, music files, and logos ready to go. I think we banged this one out in a couple hours. Be sure to visit his website Am Oner – I Declare WAR!!

Am Oner website

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Custom T-Shirt Design

You provide a t-shirt design guideline and I’ll provide the printer ready artwork.

While going thru my design archives I ran across this fun t-shirt I did for Streamline Fire Protection. This design was for their annual fishing trip to Mexico. Utilizing entirely royalty free clip art I was able to turn this design around for them in a matter of hours so we could it to the printer.

Streamline Fishing Trip design

If you find yourself looking for a t-shirt design, remember Michael Winchester Design. I have quick turn around on jobs and also have a great relationship with a local screen printer.  We can ensure you get the best deal and a quality product.

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