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Greetings! I am a local Web Designer and SEO Consultant in the Los Alamitos and Long Beach area. My strengths include Website Design, Search Performance Analysis & Integration, Content Marketing, Word Press, Adobe, Google, and Social Media Management. I am currently certified in Google Ads for Video, Mobile, and Shopping as well as the proper use and implementation of Google Analytics. Click here to view my certs.

Above all, I build responsive and mobile friendly websites, I improve search rankings and I drop bounce rates. I can get your products listed on the top online shopping platforms including Amazon, Google Shopping and Facebook/Instagram. I can promote your product or service on social media and I can get you phone ringing!

Live example sites:

E-Commerce Business | Corporate Website | Construction Website | Small Business Website

A few examples of current client websites in action. I tailor my website design to your specific company goals, color schemes and branding. Don’t have any? I can help you out with that as well.


Some of the highlights during my 20 year career in website design include working on Ami James of NY Ink’s official blog design, working closely with the late great underground low brow artist The Pizz on his web and commercial print projects, and I am most proud of putting together a world class e-commerce delivery business for a Canadian based seafood firm.

I started making websites in 2000 with music startup, and I am still getting new clients in the door in 2019! Let’s see what I can do for you.

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