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Whether you are looking for a new website design, HTTPS compliance, a WordPress master, better SEO ranking, a logo, or some other form of graphic communication – you have come to the right place. With over 18 years experience designing and implementing websites and print elements I am confident that I can complete your job quickly and efficiently, from right here in the United States

No need for high priced agencies using foreign workers. I have a proven track record of success with small and large companies. Being based in Los Alamitos, CA means I can come to you for initial meetings and further consultations. It also means that I am 100% approachable and in reach if something should go wrong.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Something BBQ Rub Co. mock up

Spice bottle design for a small BBQ rub startup. This image will be used in their proposals to potential investors and financial institutions. I really hope to land the website and package design contract when they launch in 2019.

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spice label mock up

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Website design for AM Oner

Website design for Am Oner, this was a quick and dare I say easy job. He came to his appointment with multiple photos, music files, and logos ready to go. I think we banged this one out in a couple hours. Be sure to visit his website Am Oner – I Declare WAR!!

Am Oner website

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Custom T-Shirt Design

You provide a t-shirt design guideline and I’ll provide the printer ready artwork.

While going thru my design archives I ran across this fun t-shirt I did for Streamline Fire Protection. This design was for their annual fishing trip to Mexico. Utilizing entirely royalty free clip art I was able to turn this design around for them in a matter of hours so we could it to the printer.

Streamline Fishing Trip design

If you find yourself looking for a t-shirt design, remember Michael Winchester Design. I have quick turn around on jobs and also have a great relationship with a local screen printer.  We can ensure you get the best deal and a quality product.

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HTTPS compliance and Google flagging

Google has recently starting marking websites that do not have an HTTPS address as “Not Secure”. What is HTTPS,  and what does this mean to your existing websites?

Because of scoundrels and con-men Google is asking for HTTPS compliance.  HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is the secure version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTP stands for ‘Secure’.

All this means is that communications between your browser and the website you are viewing is encrypted. This is especially needed on e commerce websites where credit card and other personal data is sent between the browser and the web server. You achieve this layer of security by purchasing and installing and SSL Certificate.  For now we will concentrate on the HTTPS aspect of the protocol.

Most noteworthy is the indicator that Google is using to distinguish between so called “safe” and “unsafe” webpages.  A green lock is secure, and a grey lock with a red slash is not.

Secure Example
Potar Design Secure

Not Secure Example

What does this mean in regards your website? Well, because when someone visits your site their browser may display the dreaded lock icon with a red slash thru it (examples above) representing your unsecure connection. Because HTTP was not intended for online activities like shopping, making payments, and transferring personal data, the entire web is now moving towards the secure standard. Google is even making HTTP unattractive by penalizing websites for using it. Google plans to flag websites that don’t use HTTPS wants to prioritize websites that use HTTPS in their search results. As a result, this is a strong incentive for webmasters to migrate to the HTTPS standard.

Consequently Michael Winchester Design is well versed in the setup and maintenance of HTTPS. Contact him today and learn more about how cheap and easy HTTPS can be to implement. We can have your website running the Secure Protocol within the week.

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Pre-construction mock-ups

Here are a couple of pre-construction mock-ups I did for Streamline Build Corp.

These mock-ups turned out really well. Based on these mock-ups, Streamline Build Corp. won the contract with this Condominium Association.

This work was a little out of my comfort zone, I am always willing to try new things. Here are a couple of before and after shots.

pre construction mock ups pre construction mock ups

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Fresh Fish Fast

E Commerce Website Design

This e commerce website for Fresh Fish Fast was a fun one to collaborate on. By utilizing several social media platforms (mainly Instagram and Facebook) we grew the clients base through informative postings and fantastic food photography.

The back end is of the website is running WordPress and Woo Commerce. We added the extra security of HTTPS by setting up an SSL certificate. This ensures smooth and secure transactions, while accepting payments in multiple forms.

We have solutions to fit businesses of every size.

Fresh Fish Fast Seafood Delivery

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First Response logo design

This was a fun little logo design for a client that specializes in First Responder and CPR training courses.

First Response Training

 The stated that they wanted an “ambulance style” logo design. We delivered this logo design on a 3 day turnaround. The client was thrilled to get the source file so she could make t-shirts and promotional materials.

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Smokey Bay Seafood

We worked under contract with Smokey Bay Seafood for 6 years on their corporate website. Regular updates to the seafood species offered as well as constant SEO maintenance has landed Smokey Bay Seafood on the first page of Google for their selected keywords.

Smokey Bay Seafood Group

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D.I.D Racing Chain

I have been working closely with Palmer Designs on the D.I.D Chain website since 2008. This is an older website that still delivers the information customers are looking for. We used PHP, Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver on this bad boy.

D.I.D amd DirtStar

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