The Step Father

The Step Father is my DIY desktop synth project. A little something I am building for myself as I have always wanted to dip my toes into the world of modular synth building but don’t have the space for a large setup. This seemed like a good way to build something that could make neat sounds and also interface with more modular synth stuff later on. Right now, it is a fun standalone noise maker.

The Step Father features:

The Step Father - 8 step desktop synth
  • LFO – pretty standard 40106 oscillator based on info I first learned about here
  • 8-Step Sequencer – almost the classic 4017 Baby 8 – link to the first article I read on it here
    • CV out
    • CV pulse out per step
    • Stop/Start switch
  • Dual Wave VCO – interesting LM358 VCO I previously wrote about
    • Wave type mixer
    • Mixed output
    • Mute switch
    • Playable with pushbuttons
  • 8x Mini Space Rocker circuits – more on these later..
    • Wired one per step
    • Mute switch
    • Playable with pushbuttons
  • Delay – PT2399 delay based on the Rebote 2.5
    • Pushbutton for infinite delay feedback
    • Mod switch and feedback control pot
  • JAN6418 mini-tube amp on the output, info here

I tried to include links to the articles I sourced the underlying info from, or to places on this site where further info can be read.

I still have a ton of things I would like to add like separate outs for each wave type, as well as an out for the LFO, etc. More documentation to follow as the build continues.

The Step Father – untitled jam, no external effects
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