Standard Epiphone P90 wiring

I recently stripped down and glitterized an Epiphone Special that came equipped with dual P90 pickups. After not really finding any decent wiring diagrams for this particular set up on Google, I decided I should just draft one up in DIYLC.

This is the standard wiring as I saw it when I removed the backplate; the only change I made when wiring it all back up was to replace the .022uf brown chicklet capacitor with a .022uf yellow polyester film capacitor. The change is actually very noticeable to my ear, it really opens up the sound.

Epiphone Special p90 pickup wiring diagram
Epiphone Special electronics cavity

The original soldering was pretty poorly done, I would suggest opening up your Epiphone and checking it out for yourself. Notice how poorly the pickup selector switch is soldered (I had already started to shield the cavity when I decided on the cap upgrade).

Cleaning up the poor soldering, upgrading the capacitor, and shielding the electronics cavity have really improved this guitar. Plus, now it’s glittery!

Before and After 8 ounces of Mod Podge Mega Glitter

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