Yamaha DD-14 modified by POTAR

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All of the original functionality plus extreme circuit bending modifications by POTAR

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This Yamaha DD-14 has received the full treatment!
From the Circuit Bent Patch Bay to LTC oscillator for pitch and glitch, this drum machine is perfect for creating complex drum patterns, insane sounds, and general weirdness.


Breakout Box 1

  • 36-point banana jack patch bay (with 2 custom connectors) for creating custom patches and circuit bends
  • Yellow to Yellow and Green to Green

Breakout Box @

  • extreme pitch/glitch control via the LTC1799 precision oscillator using
  • pitch control via “course & fine” knobs or the selectable “fine” photocell with the course knob
  • 8 of my favorite bend points on toggle switches
  • The 8 drum pad sounds ported to push buttons; these repeat when the button is held down

All of the original functionality of the machine still works like normal so you get…

  • Midi in and out for the pads
  • 1/4 output jack
  • 99 pattern styles
  • 29 percussion sounds
  • 8 scrapper sounds

Original Mutec YA3 power supply included!

This video shows the LTC1799 being tested after installation

This video shows the photocell control being tested

More videos soon!


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