POTAR Modified Toysmith Voice Changer Megaphone


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Modified, Circuit Bent, whatever you want to call it, I make these things far more useful than they are stock. Added 1/4 inch in and output jacks, so you can plug into an amp and use this baby as a pedal. I also added pitch control of the different stock effects. I also added a feedback loop that runs the output back into the input, creating a feedback loop that can be turned on and controlled via a potentiometer or triggered with a momentary button.

These are brand new in the packaging before I start working on them, and I use all new parts in the build.

Want to modify your own Toysmith Voice Changer? Here is a basic rundown of the modification hot spots on the circuit. These newer models are SMD, so the components are tiny, but if you have an older version, the components are thru-hole.


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Circuit Bent by POTAR: Toysmith Voice Changer Megaphone