Golden Urchin Bells

$165.00 $165.00

The Golden Bell Urchin is an electro-acoustic instrument perfect for sound designers and experimental musicians looking for a new tool that plays like a toy.


The Golden Urchin Bells is an electro-acoustic instrument that also serves as a contact microphone. Aside from the bells and spring, all Sound Urchin devices pick up the vibrations of the object they are placed on giving you endless options for sound creation.

How do you play it?

You can strum or pick the springs, strike them, or use of friction. Same goes for the bells.

Try different objects like brushes, other springs, rubber tipped mallets, etc.


  • 1/4″ output
  • Orange LED power indicator
  • Volume Control
  • 9 volt wall wart powered (not included, same as PigHog, Boss, etc.)
  • Battery Dongle Included!

The Sound Urchin requires 9 volt for power and a strong sense of imagination. The perfect addition to any sound design studio.

Makes an interesting and excellent gift to experimental musicians.


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