Casio SA-20 for Tonal Eclipse

front panelThis is a Casio SA-20 I was recently commissioned to bend by Joe Diliberto of Tonal Eclipse Productions. When it came to me it had an RCA patch bay that I knew couldn’t possibly function and oh was I right. It has all the same bends you find on the rest of SA-XX family with the exception of a suitable power kill mod, I may just not have had the right values but the range was terrible and the effect was lackluster. I also added a video out or video interruption mod for even more weirdness. All you have to do is just wire an RCA to the positive and negative terminals on the speaker and plugin into a T.V. for an interesting black and white screen dance. You can also connect a video camera or other video source via Y connector for more colorful and trippy visuals. Sort of like this video I made on a Realistic Concertmate 460(Casio SA-39 built by Casio branded for sale at Radio Shack).

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