8 Monotron Delays and 8 Sequencers in one box

Bonkers 8×8 Monotron Sequencer

FROM 2012 : This is a project I started a few months back for a friend who is looking to sequence 8 Korg Monotrons for live performance… once the Monotron Delays get delivered I will most likely follow the great advice, directions, and tips at Steve Woodward’s site, he has compiled most of what is around on Monotron hacking and has a great comment thread going on.

The sequencers are based on the Baby 10 design. I used a pair 40106 ic’s for the 8 LFO’s instead of the more common 555 timers. The 40106 runs very quietly while the 555 clicks at every step (check out this video of my Baby 8 and you can hear the 555 click). I based the LFO design off of the info over at Beavis Audio Research.

I never captured audio samples of this device in all it’s glory as I felt it was a commissioned piece and the artist should be the first to debut it. That said there are a couple of rough test videos at the bottom of this post.

8×8 Build gallery

Getting the CV working
Getting the CV working
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