1590bb style enclosure drilling template

Update 04.2024

Google tells me that I get a lot of traffic to this page and that the popular search term is actually 1590b. So to better help out the folks who are searching for drilling templates for the 1590b enclosure, I present the following downloadable PDF for 1590b enclosures.

Still looking for the 1590bb, continue on.

There are many different ways to mark your enclosures for drilling, from measuring and marking with a pencil to freestyle marking or even taking a drill it and see approach. After many years of suffering from lopsided drill holes and jacks that came dangerously close to pots and switches, I started printing out drilling templates made in Photoshop.

1590bb drilling template by POTAR

I have provided for you to download an 8.5 x11 PDF that I use to print my templates. I use a glue stick to adhere the template to the enclosure, making sure to line up the edges as best I can. Then I use a center punch to transfer the desired marking to my enclosure. I like to remove the paper before I drill; I find it peels off in one pull without holes in it.

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